Payroll Services

Full-Service Payroll and Employee Management Platform Base includes:

  • Standard Implementation (as described below)
  • Adding new users and initiating onboarding process, managing onboarding process to ensure staff has completed appropriate documentation for hiring and first payroll
  • Termination process for employees
  • Payroll processing using submitted templates of information needed for the current pay run
  • Submit reports and journal entry for approval to authorized personnel prior to processing
  • Support for company on access to Rippling’s platform and any training requested by the client including employees

Standard Implementation includes:

  • Set up company and onboarding/offboarding of current staff
  • Setup employees and import year-to-date data
  • Setup benefits and insurance deductions
  • Run first payroll with approval process

What makes ESG a good decision for payroll services:

  • Custom onboarding process to collect all data needed for payroll processing
    1. This can be setup to include documents that need signoff during the onboarding process including handbook confirmation, job description review and signoff, and other agreements that require consent.
    2. The forms will be stored within Rippling.  You will have access to review these at any time or ESG can provide information requested.
  • Concierge Reporting
    1. ESG can provide reports as requested via email (secure email will be used for sensitive information)
    2. ESG can create custom reports for you to run at your convenience
    3. You will have access to create and run reports at your convenience – not required but available